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  • The Friends is a group of people dedicated to promoting, enhancing and expanding the services which the Library provides to our Community. The group is a nonprofit organization which is independent from the Library.

    The Friends:

    • Hold ongoing and periodic book sales
    • Build community involvement and increase library use
    • Sponsor Library programs and events
    • Provide a wide range of materials (i.e., books, art, furniture, etc.) to augment the Library’s budget

    The Friends is a 501 c (3) corporation.

    Your contributions are 100% tax deductible.

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    Kindness Demonstrated

    Demonstrating kindness warms a person’s heart. That feeling has a name “moral elevation” and it’s the warm-and-fuzzy-on-the-inside feeling you get when you’re in the presence of true human kindness. This feeling helps to explain why kindness is contagious. Studies have found that it inspires optimism and makes people want to behave more altruistically towards others. In other words, it initiates the ripple effect.

    Kindness is at the root of all that we do. It embodies our internal culture and how we treat each other. It’s a direct expression of how we spread well-being and how we treat ourselves. We give our time, thoughts and energies to our organization to support the Library and our community.