Your Library reaches more people than any other community organization. Over 43,000 community members hold a Tigard library card, and the Library logged over 195,000 visits last year. The Tigard Public Library provides a community hub for knowledge and enrichment where everyone feels welcome. When you contribute time, materials, or funding to the Friends of the Tigard Library, you help expand and strengthen the Library’s important work and input to the community.

Why Donate?

  • Support the Friends
  • Increase charitable contributions on your State and Federal taxes
  • Downsize your personal library and make room on your shelves for new items
  • Contribute to book sales
  • Your donation to the Friends is an investment in your Library and the quality of life of the community

The Friends of the Tigard Library gratefully accepts contributions of time, money and materials.

Donation of Time

  • Volunteer at the Library – For information about volunteering at the library in general, contact the library‚Äôs volunteer coordinator at (503) 718-2516 or visit the Library website.
  • Attend meetings and offer suggestions
  • Assist the Friends as needed

Donation of Money

The Friends of the Tigard Library is a 501 c (3) corporation, and your contribution is 100% tax deductible.

To donate, please choose an amount from the buttons below.


Donations of Books and Materials

Items that may be donated are limited to 2 bags or boxes at a time and include:

  • Books
  • Jigsaw puzzles

Items that may NOT be donated:

  • Soiled, torn, worn, moldy or water damaged books
  • CDs
  • Encyclopedias
  • Magazines

Where and when to deliver donations:

The Library on Thursdays from noon to 2 PM and on Fridays from 10 AM to noon:
13500 SW Hall Boulevard
Tigard, OR 97223
For more information, please check the Tigard Support Your Library Website.

OR call the Library 503-684-6537.

Where do donations go?

We have a streamlined process that follows these steps:

  • Librarians go through the books for shelving needs
  • Some books are chosen for our ongoing sale in the Library lobby
  • Other books are chosen for inclusion in our book sales or Amazon Storefront
  • Remaining books are donated to other libraries or organizations

All donations find a positive home!

Are non-monetary donations tax-deductible?

You bet! You will receive a receipt for your donation.