Membership in the Friends is available to everyone

How To Become a Member:

Thank You

In Appreciation of the Friends of the Tigard Library and in Memory of George Burgess from a Grateful Library Staff, 2011

A message from Friends of Libraries USA & Paula Poundstone…

Some thoughts from current members of the Friends on why we like being a Friend of the Library:

“I like to be recognized and appreciated for what I do.””It makes me feel good about myself.”

“To meet with people who have different personalities but similar interests.”

“A way of giving back to our community.”

“It’s easy and fun to help out at the book sales. We get such positive responses.”

“Libraries have always been important in my life.”

“Helping make our Library the very best in the nation.”

“Keeps me active after retirement doing what I enjoy.”

“Friendly atmosphere.”

“Help Library provide a wide variety of programs for all ages and cultures.”

“I read so much and volunteer anyway so why not join the Friends and support my Library in other ways too.”

“It’s wonderful to meet new people. There are great volunteers in the Friends.”

“I feel as though I get more than I give.”

When good people get involved, good things happen!